Safety Management Solution based on AI Machine Vision

Industrial Site
(Construction and manufacturing)

  • Automatically connect to the cloud when the AI Machine Vision is installed on site and powered on
  • Easy to configure and start the service
  • Immediate alert after detecting a dangerous situation at the field


  • Collect on-site data from AI Machine Vision to provide monitoring services
  • Spread the situation immediately after risk detection
  • Analyze hazardous event data and focus on management with setting as a danger zone


Safety accident prevention

  • Automatically alerts from AI Machine Vision after detecting danger
  • - Approaching to the hazard zone
  • - Abnormal behavior

Immediate action after accident occurrence

  • AI Machine Vision detects the accident and alerts immediately on-site
  • Spread the situation immediately based on reporting frameworks through the cloud
    (SMS, Push, etc.)

Focus on management with data analytics

  • Set focus management targets with risk event data analysis
  • - Hazardous zone setup and management
  • - Managing hazardous time
  • - Focus on risk personnel

Systematic follow-up support

  • Automatically save incident images through AI Machine Vision and send them to the cloud
  • Cloud uses incident video to analyze the cause of the accident and provide legal evidence