AIoT and Digital Twin convergence-based Space Intelligence

(Intelligence of Things)

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Support for optimal decision making
  • Execute alternative – Feedback – Improvement

Digital Twin

  • Purpose-driven 3D modeling
  • Real-time control
  • High-speed visualization simulation

Business Continuity,Resilience

  • Secure consecutiveness of a business
  • Respond to environment change & risk based on system
  • Eliminate uncertainty

Time & Cost Reduction

  • Minimize the delay, cost and energy usage
  • Operate spatial intelligence process (SOP/EOP) based on context-cognitive

Data-driven Revenue Creation

  • Create profit & maximize experience
  • Utilize the pattern data
    (Counting/Flow/Behavior) based on time and space


  • Safety Management Solutionbased on AI Machine Vision

Construction site, Manufacturing factory, Distribution Center


  • Safety Intelligence Guidance System

Public facility,Tunnel/Railroad, Construction site, Manufacturing factory,Plant


  • AIoT Safety for Active Shooter Events

School, Public Facility, Stadium


  • Digital Twin Solution for Smart Intersections and ITS Management



  • Digital Twin Solution for Smart Factory Innovation

Manufacturing factory


InteleTwin software that combines AI and Digital Twin is delivered in 'on-premise’ or 'cloud' ways

(AI Real-Time Evacuation Routing Algorithm)

Intelligent path calculation algorithm engine

  • Dynamic creation of evacuation by reflecting real-time situations in which the spread of fire conditions such as flames and acrid smoke is detected.
  • Predicting bottlenecks
  • Support for distributed evacuation in the early stages of situation
  • Securing proper performance for real-time human protection within about 1 second of the evacuation route search time

InteleTwin Builder

Based on the 3D model, field data & evacuation route network modeling S/W

  • Uploading 3D floorplan
  • Site management device(IoT evacuation guide, wireless relay device, AI machine vision, CCTV, sensor, etc.) layout and attribute definition
  • Definition of spatial information such as Node and Link
  • Auto-DB model for evacuation route of structure

InteleTwin Watch

Safety manager 3D monitoring S/W

  • Based on 3D, on-site real-time monitoring
  • Provide real-time information on site status through information linkage with pre-built data collection system
  • Provide immediate notification of on-site incidents and anomalies
  • Abnormal status notification of device
  • Immediate and mandatory evacuation
  • Provide PC/tablet/mobile version

InteleTwin Simulator

3D evacuation simulation S/W

  • Placement and setting of movement speed toward gender and age group
  • Shortest distance evacuation simulation mode
  • Context awareness evacuation simulation mode
  • Fire occurrence scenario application
  • First person view mode
  • Comparative analysis of total evacuation completion time


Through the hardware applied with IoT technology,
we immediately and actively perform safety management that cannot be dealt with by human power alone.

IoT Evacuation Guidance Device (InteleGuide)

S001, G001

  • Dynamically guide the route of avoiding dangerous areas that change depending on situation, such as the location of the initial disaster and the location of the spread of the disaster (provide variable content through arrows/light/voice)
  • Detect hazards by incorporating built-in temperature/smoke sensors or interlocking legal fire facilities
  • Automatically switch to own battery at constant power down
  • Continuously perform through bridge communication between devices in case of network loss
  • Wall-mounted installation


  • Minimize additional electrical construction costs with KFI-certified emergency exit guidance equipment
  • Guide the safety evacuation route according to the location of the fire after receiving a fire signal through legal fire facilities (fire detectors, transmitters, fire receivers) installed in the building


  • Mobile stationary detection and guidance device
  • Flame/Gas/Temperature/Humidity/Light Sensor built-in to detect site abnormalities
  • Emergency alarm to detect abnormalities


  • Distance indication and evacuation direction guide for railway and road tunnels
  • It is usually used as a two-way street indicator, but when operating the tunnel smoke exhaust facility due to fire, etc., guide the direction of evacuation in the opposite direction to the smoke flow

LoRa Gateway


  • Wireless relay for establishing LPWAN proprietary network
  • Self-developed communication firmware
  • Ensure communication performance over hundreds of meters per unit

Portable Image Analysis Device (InteleVision)

AI machine vision

  • Detect site danger with built-in camera or connection through intelligent CCTV
  • Alert of hazardous situations immediately with high output speakers and warning lights
  • Support for monitoring blind spots with mobile devices